Charcoal Barbeque

The project was initially given to a Chinese company by the customer. After several months of follow-up they received very crude samples from China. There were challenges in communication and level of understanding which was delaying this project.

Later this project was given to us on recommendation of one of our customers.

We started the project from scratch and without any sample.

We had several meetings (online and in-person) with the customer, and we worked our way up to complete this project.

This involved the development of dies for Glass Filled Nylon Products also, which we achieved through our dedicated vendors.

There are 23 different parts which go to make this product this involved co-ordination with multiple outside suppliers also as these were non-sheet metal products.

We successfully developed this product

This patented product is manufactured by us under license. This is exported in ready-to-retail pack in batches of several 1,000s.

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